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Speaker: Allison Winzurk

    Allison Winzurk


    Allison has 25+ years of background in education from classroom teacher to museum education to online tutor. With the changes in online teaching since the fall of 2021, she's worked to help other teachers find their new normal.

    Most recently Allison has utilized the value of gamification when tutoring her own online ESL students and begun creating online games, quizzes and topical units to motivate those students toward improved performance.

    Allison currently creates games for ESL curriculum writers and independent teachers who are looking to level up their lessons.


Levelling Up Your Online Classroom with Gamification

Does gamifying your classroom work? How does you make it work? You've seen your students faces light up and engagement grow when you bring in your digital rewards, right? Imagine that level of engagement throughout your class as you bring in lessons that have been gamified. Allison talks about how to be successful in the classroom with students when gamifying, and finding success with parents who see the change in their child with digital learning games.

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