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Speaker: Daniel Shaw

    University teacher, course creator, materials development, teacher trainer, IELTS examiner, and podcaster!

    As you can probably tell, teaching is a real passion of mine! I have been working for 12 years as an English teacher all over the world, and have developed a number of interactive courses to help students succeed, while feeling, engaged, motivated, and empowered.


Can Anyone Teach IELTS or TOEFL?

Want to teach IELTS, but not sure where to start?

Many teachers feel like they want to teach IELTS, but find themselves feeling imposter syndrome, or feel they do not have all the tools they need to succeed. Well, let me help you with that. This session will provide steps, solutions, actions, and advice on how to effectively teach and deliver IELTS sessions that really hit the mark, help your student succeed, and help you be a better IELTS teacher!

Daniel's Free Gift!

"IELTS Speaking: Teacher Masterclass"

In this FREE webinar, you will learn how to:

Assess the needs of your learners - Learn how to find the level of your learner, identify their weaknesses and then help create a plan of action for success for you and your student. 

Find and use the right materials - When teaching IELTS, not only will we help you identify the right materials, but how to use them effectively when delivering IELTS classes. 

Teach the correct strategies and techniques - We will show you the steps to succeed when teaching IELTS online, the methods to help your students make progress, and some techniques to help you improve your effectiveness teaching IELTS classes online.

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