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Speaker: Joanne Kaminski

    Joanne Kaminski is a former teacher and Reading Specialist with 10 years experience turned online reading tutor. She is the founder of the Online Tutor Coach, LLC where she helps other tutors who are great at tutoring, but struggle with attracting students.

    Joanne impacts over 20,000 tutors through her YouTube channel, Facebook Group, Instagram, and podcast. She is the author of How to Start an Online Tutoring Business Making 4-5 Figures a Month which is available on Amazon.


How to Create an Online Presence to Get Students from Around the World

Be inspired to get students from other time zones using 4 techniques that will catapult you to your dream students. Best part is each of these strategies are free or available without investing a ton of money. Once you learn how to do this 4 step process and implement them consistently you will no longer need to advertise your tutoring services after 2-3 years. You can focus on working with your students and allow the internet to do the work of getting you new students.


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