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Speaker: Jonel Van Schalkwyk

    Jonel Van Schalkwyk

    Jonel helps teachers & educators build, grow, and scale their freedom-filled online teaching businesses by showing them how to go solo by creating and launching digital courses that they can sell on repeat so that they can stop trading time for money.


Course Creation for Online ESL Teachers

As a teacher, you already have skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise that can be turned into an online digital course. The beauty of a digital course is that you can teach something once, record it and sell it on repeat for years to come. It will help you to stop actively trading time for money and allow you to trade value for money instead.

In this presentation, I am going to help you fully understand digital courses and how you can create your own. Creating one digital course can change your entire life by allowing you to create more income, impact, and freedom in your life as an educator.''

Jonel's Free Gift!

The Teacher's Course Creation Guide

As a teacher, you have probably wondered how you can stop trading time for money and escape the current teaching burnout train you are on. A digital course is the answer. In this free guide, we give you quick and actionable steps so that you can get started on creating a digital course that will fill your life with time, freedom, and income without trading all of those hours for a few Dollars while teaching back-to-back lessons, all day, every day.

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