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Speaker: Ola Kowalska

    Ola Kowalska

    Ola Kowalska is a business coach and mentor helping language teachers from all over the world teach the language on their own terms. She has helped nearly 500 people do so and is continuing to build the community of thriving language professionals through her workshops and signature programs: The Rocket Take Off and the Rocket Accelerator. She often hangs out on Instagram @ola_coaches_teachers and runs a popular podcast 'Get richer teacher!'


What it takes to build a profitable language group course

Starting group classes may seem the obvious next step if you've been stuck on the 1:1 teaching hamster wheel. But there is more to organising group courses than most teachers think. In my talk, I will take you through the steps of building engaging and profitable group language courses that your students will be begging to join!

Ola's Free Gift!

'Plan your course in a flash' is a simple video training and planning spreadsheet taking you through a simple process of creating your group course curriculum. This is a paid product (worth £9) that I've decided to offer to the participants for free.

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