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Level Up Online Teaching Summit

Speaker Page

This is the speaker information for our Summit where you can find all the important information about being one of our esteemed speakers!

Thank You For Being A Speaker!

Thank you for being willing to be a speaker at our, first ever, online independent teaching summit!

We are thrilled to have you be a speaker and wanted to put all the information in one place on this webpage for your information.

Please read the entirety of this webpage for all the information that you will need!

Speaker Presentation Guidelines:

1. Presentations should be 20 minutes in length. Your slot will be 30 minutes with an opportunity for 5 minutes of Q&A at the end.

2. Presentations, if possible, should be in slide deck style or presentation style. Please submit the slidedeck to [email protected] prior to November 18th. Thank you :)

3. Spend about 1-2 minutes at the beginning introducing yourself. We want the presentation to be as action-oriented as possible!

4. Try to stay away from the webinar approach which leave viewers understanding they need to change something, but lacking the resources to make that change.

5. You may share a free offer (freebie/lead magnet) at the end of your presentation - please spend no more than 2-3 minutes talking about this offer. 

6. Please don't mention any paid offers in your presentation. Your lead magnet can certainly lead to your paid offers but we want to avoid mentions of paid offers during the summit.

Important Dates:

  • December 2nd, 2022: LevelUp Summit Date

    09:00am EST - 16:00pm EST

  • November 18th, 2022: Presentation Slides DUE to [email protected] & Link to your lead magnet.

  • November 7th - December 2nd: Promo of the webinar (see below on how to become an affiliate and where to access swipe files).

Share & Affiliate for Level Up

Please follow the process below to become an affiliate for the Launch Summit so that you can earn while promoting the Summit as well as your presentation to your audience!

While the ticket to the summit is free, there is an upsell of a platinum ticket of which you will earn a commission based on those that purchase.

Due to limitations of our technology, you will be sharing your unique link to the zoom webinar and anyone that purchases the upsell will be cross checked with who sent them to the zoom webinar page.

    1. Share the Summit Registration Page

    Share your unique registration link to the Zoom Webinar (check your email for link). Anyone that then purchases the Platinum will be cross-checked and become your affiliate (payment sent out by end of Dec.)

    2. Promote the Level Up Summit

    Please send a minimum of 2 emails to your list as well as social media promotion during our Summit Promo Period (Nov 7th - Dec 2nd). We recommend sending an email on Nov. 15th & Nov 30th if you are looking for specific date to promote.

Speaker To-Do List:

  • Create & Submit your presentation to Tim/Crystal before November 18th, 2022

  • Share your unique registration link with your audience between Nov. 7 - Dec 2.

  • Send a minimum of 2 emails and 1-2 social media posts during Nov. 7 - Dec. 1st, 2022

    • Create a FREEBIE to give away at the end of your presentation (send URL or link to Tim/Crystal) 

    • Check this page for updates and new information regarding the schedule and speaker information.

    • Contact Tim: [email protected] or Crystal ([email protected]) if you have any questions!


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